Friday, July 1, 2011

Nice little catch from the local summer market

There’s nothing like a bountiful farmer’s market to herald the beginning of warm breezy summer (even though we're still waiting for sunny skies here in Vancouver).

I took baby girl to the market with $40 and a handful of change in my purse and came home with $20 left over and a small stash of goodies. 

Fragrant helitropis plant, fresh carrots and aromatic sweet basil, granola king (sweetened with honey), Bean Boy chili lime hummus, and two varieties of vegan pate.  All from local merchants.

I just did a big grocery shop the other day so we didn’t really need to stock up on much.  I had my eye on a few other things, and since this particular market comes every other week, we’ll definitely be grabbing more goodies next time around.

The Bean Boy chili lime hummus wasn’t too spicy, baby girl liked it and she isn’t usually a big fan of spiciness.  The lime really comes through and is an exciting difference from traditional lemon hummus.  It was a fantastic accompaniment to our fresh carrots!

The chili lime hummus was the most expensive thing we bought at $5.50.  $2 for the granola, $3 each for the pates, $2.5 for the basil, $5 for the heliotropis plant, and $2 for the carrots.

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