Monday, February 4, 2013

Bento lunchbox: seaweed & spaghetti

It's been a while since I posted one of baby girl's bento lunches. Unfortunately she dropped the bento box and the lid broke off, so it's kind of tricky to keep her lunch intact. Lately I've just been putting her food in a bunch of little containers inside an insulated lunch bag - which doesn't make a very appealing presentation.

So broken lid aside, here's today's lunch: In the back row, blueberry cinnamon oatmeal and a packet of roasted seaweed. It looks like a big package but there's only a few sheets in it and she absolutely loves them. These don't fit in the lunchbox when the lid is closed, but they all get put in the same carrying bag.

Now I'll go clockwise, starting with the brown rice spaghetti & tomato basil sauce, banana tofu, Sharkies (one of the
few gummy snacks that are gelatin-free) , sesame rice crackers, Annie's cocoa & vanilla bunnies, home made banana blackberry oatmeal muffin, dill pickle, and half of a navel orange with strawberry slices.

It may look like a lot of food, but it has to be enough for breakfast, lunch and snack time. She's got quite an appetite these days and the lunchbox is almost always empty when it comes back home.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Guilt-free glamour alert!

@UrbanDecay411 launched 7 NEW shadows today. Of the 7 shades, 2 are vegan.
  • Deep End - teal blue shimmer
  •  Faint - warm dusty brown
Check them out here. I think I might be doing some online shopping this weekend! Which of these new shades is your fave?