Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh, Canada...red white and GREEN lunch

I started with a red & white theme for Preciosa's lunch todayin keeping with her daycare's Canada Day theme...but I didn't feel right not putting something green in her lunch.  I couldn't do it.  So we've got vegan cream cheese and vegan "Canadian Bacon" on homemade bread, celery with sunflower seed butter and golden raisins, a white nectarine, salt & vinegar CheeCha puffs, and Glutenfrreda raisin flax oatmeal, with a little container of peas tucked under it.


Jen said...

These lunch box posts are great Janet! It's inspiring to see how much thought you put into it.

Carissa said...

Yay, the comment box is working now :) This looks like a great lunch, can you come make my lunches please? I just packed my lunch for work and all I have is an avocado and nutritional yeast in a brown paper bag (my bread is at work).