Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day Recap: Brick Oven Bread, Greasy Fries and Solar Powered Street Lamps

Yesterday during our Canada Day festivities, I discovered an amazing jewel of a bakery.  It's called Romania Country Bread, and I was lured in by a Romanian man sitting outside the bakery at a checkerboard table, telling the throngs of passersby that inside was the best bread we have ever tasted.

He was not kidding.

If organic stone-ground whole wheat bread is your only product, it better be good- and trust me, it is fantastic!  The rustic loaves come in two sizes, 1/4 kilo for $5.00 or 1 kilo for $10.00.   The reason their bread is so amazing is because it's made the bread was supposed to be made - in a massive brick oven.  I was talking with some people outside of the bakery and apparently it took them years to get a permit from the city to build this oven because of fire safety hazards and such.

I bought two of the 1/4 kilo loaves. One of them was mostly eaten by the time we got home (yes, I shared).

We also visited Pajos at the beach to grab a veggie dog and greasy fries served in a cone of paper.  I love how the picnic tables have holes carved in them to accomodate the cones of fries.Unfortunately Pajos doesn't have do-it-yourself condiments, so this is what I got when I asked for mustard & relish.  (Note the ketchup and absence of relish.) It's a good thing I like mustard!

And the final highlight of my day was not food related, but environmental.  A lamp post unexpectedly powered by a solar panel and wind turbine.  It's part one Richmond BC's pilot projects and I hope we see more initiatives like this become mainstream. 

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian readers, I hope you had fun celebrating Canada's 143rd birthday :)


Carissa said...

What a lovely Canada day! That bread looks nice and fresh.

Nohemi Tutterrow said...

Getting a permit to open up a bakery business is not that easy. You have to show them first that you can really operate it well. The brick oven you will use is one of the important things that they look into, so you must make sure that it meets the standards they set for it. It must be well-built to guarantee that it’s safe and efficient.