Monday, June 28, 2010

Canada Day Lunch Box

Ever since the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Preciosa has been randomly singing our national anthem  "Oh, Canada."  She's going to be very excited this week at daycare when she finds out the theme of the week is "Canada Day."

I thought it would be a fun suprise if her lunches this week were also inspired by this theme. I made her a Canadian flag sandwich with strawberries & vegan cream cheese on a slice of homemade bread. Next to the flag sandwich are some bright, juicy gem tomatoes, and above those are potato salad balls a la Vegan Lunch Box, and last but not least, soba noodles with a bunny filled with Bragg soy sauce.

Here's Preciosa's latest rendition of "Oh Canada":

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Hannah said...

I'm loving this bento- Especially that little bunny container with the soy sauce in it! Too cute!