Friday, August 15, 2008

Caribbean Express

At last, a reliable internet connection!  I've been in the Domimican Republic for the past couple of weeks and have not had much access at all to the world wide web. A few minutes here and there, usually on someone else's computer.  I used to live here, and it's nice to be back in the old stomping grounds.
Cooking here is always interesting...for example, they don't use electricity for ovens and stoves, they use propane (yes, the tank is IN the house, usually under the kitchen sink)  you have to fill it up at the gas station just like you would your barbeque tank.  And of course when our gas ran out, there was no propane at the station for three days.  No cooking anything for three days - I was forced to go raw ;)
This first photo was breakfast one day.  It was simply avocado and tomato with a bit of S&P, and a tall glass of vanilla soy milk.

Lucky for us the neighbor let us cook rice at her place and we were able to make sushi!  How amazed were we that they had nori at the supermercado?!  Really I've mostly been nibbling here and there rather than preparing actual meals; it's just too hot and humid to have much of an appetite.  But I'll be back home in Vancouver in a few days and ready to cook up a storm!

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ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Yay for your internet finally working :o). Haha it's always funny to think about how only a few years ago (well, ok, more than a few) the internet didn't even exist!

Your breakfast looks yummy; you did a great job being creative, not having access to an oven.