Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A few more photos from our Dominican Days

This is okra and some kind of potato-like vegetable whose name I can't remember (even though I asked what it was called several times.)  They were both quite tasty, though the texture of the okra was a bit odd. 
My favorite, fried plantain bananas with ketchup.  They taste somewhat like french fries, and that's how I like to eat them.  Yumm!
And here's my baby girl, relaxing at the beach under the shade of a coconut tree.  I've posted a few more non-food photos on my other blog, Livin' In Paradise.


Anonymous said...

It is called yautia (pronounced O-Tia).

Janet said...

Yeah, that's it! Thanks :)

jd said...

Mmm... fried plantains! I love them, too! And anything that's "potato-like" gets an A+ in my book!

PS Your daughter is completely adorable - she looks so relaxed & happy in that pic :)