Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chili-Lime-Garlic Tofu & Wild Rice Sushi

I know I just posted a sushi pic the other day, but I am on some kind of sushi craze right now.  I've never had luck making rolls with brown rice, but I really would love to get a bit more nutrition than plain white sushi rice if I'm going to be eating it so often.

I gave wild rice a try today (which is higher in iron and fibre) and it did not disappoint.  The rolls held together just fine, and I loved the nutty, earthy flavor of the rice combined with the soft, creamy avocado.

The tofu is simple, pan fried firm tofu slices with chopped garlic, chili flakes and a splash of fresh lime and Braggs soy sauce.


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Wow, that looks good. And I just so happen to have a bag of wild rice on hand!

Janet Ching said...

Hi there, I came from the Foodie Blogroll that you are featured in the FFF this week. I love sushi and your tofu and sushi are both very creative & well matched. I would love to them out.