Monday, July 28, 2008

Not Just Another Pizza

What can I say?  Pizza has got to be one of my favorite foods.  Before I turned vegan, pizza was the one thing holding me back because of my weakness for cheese.  I have gladly overcome that obstacle, and have found many, many ways to enjoy herbivorous pizzas.  (Is herbivorous a word?  I hope so...but you know what I mean, right?)
I cheated on the crust by using naan bread.   When I'm cooking for one, it's the perfect size for an individual pizza and gives me more time to spend with the baby than if I made the dough from scrach.

I made this pizza in two phases: first I sliced up some tomato, onion, and orange bell pepper and placed it over a layer of tomato sauce.  I broke up a slice of tofutti and placed the pieces over the veggies. (This was purely for texture, not taste!)  After baking the pizza I added some fresh scallions, cilantro and half of a creamy ripe avocado.  The cold-meets hot fusion was really tasty and the flavour of the tofutti was (thankfully) masked by all of the other ingredients.

For those who aren't sure about eating a pizza without cheese, I would suggest trying avocado as an alternative because of its smooth creamy texture and mild flavour.

And now that I've already eaten the pizza I'm wondering why I didnt think to sprinkle some nutritional yeast on it.  Ohh, that would have been divine...

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