Sunday, June 29, 2008

Veg-Fast Food

There was a festival at the park today where they had all kinds of booths and tents selling things and doing arts & crafts with the kids. Naimah is still too young for that but we took a blanket and found a nice spot in the shade to hang out and have lunch with our friend L.

I know that this is a horrid photograph, but I just wanted to quickly snap a shot of the veggie dog and fries I had.  I was hungry and the fact that they were even selling veggie dogs was enough to get me to buy one.  It was actually quite tasty, but the fries were way to greasy to eat on such a hot day.  Next time I'll plan ahead and bring a picnic lunch.


Happy Herbivore! said...

my hubby loves vegan fast food. smart bacon is his newest obsession... i will take oven fries every day, please. :P

Janet said...

Oh my goodness, I think my house would melt if I turned on the oven in this heat! But I agree, oven fries are much better than deep-fried ;)