Monday, June 23, 2008

Climate Action Dividend

I got a totally unexpected suprise in the mail today. $100 from the government! It is called "British Columbia's Climate Action Dividend" and its purpose is to promote climate-smart choices for every adult and child, according to the brochure (printed on recycled paper) that accompanied it. Hmm, where's Naimah's cheque? Seems like you had to be around as of December 31st so she just missed it. Pooh...

Anyways, they are suggesting that you use this $100 to "buy energy-efficient light bulbs, shop locally for produce, or purchase eco-friendly upgrades in your home." They have quite a list of suggestions, actually. I guess if I watched the news I might have known this cheque was in the mail, but lately the news is just too depressing so I skip it. Maybe there is some good news out there after all.
I hope that everyone who received this money takes a moment to consider its intention and uses it to reduce their carbon footprint. There are many other ways this money could have been spent in various government programs but I am glad that the environment is getting the attention it deserves. Thank you to the Minister of Finance for this nice gift!

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