Friday, April 18, 2008

The Sentra and the Deer: Gone but not forgotten.

Early this morning while on a road trip to visit relatives we were involved in a horrible accident. A deer came out of thin air it seemed like, and there was no way we could avoid a collision. It had darted across the road and then paused right in front of us. My car is completely ruined as you can see, but thankfully we are okay.
I wish I could say the same for the deer.
The way that I came to own the car and lose it both came about because of death. The previous owner had passed away and his son sold me the car as he did not need it. And the car is now a write-off from its encounter with the deer.
There is something to smile about though...somehow baby Naimah slept through the whole thing.


jenfrp said...

OMG Janet. I am so sorry this happend. I cannot believe she slpet through the whole thing!! I am so relieved you are both unharmed. Holy shit! This is just crazy. How close to your destination were you? Can I help you in any way???

Janet said...

We were about 45 minutes from Quesnel. It was so cold! It snowed most of the way up here. Luckily we were able to roll the car to the shoulder of the road. The car was so broken that the hazard lights didn't even work. My aunt came and picked us up. I'm not sure how I'm getting home now, but when I do I obviously won't have transportation so maybe you can come visit me instead of me coming to you? My hummus isn't as good as yours though...

Anonymous said...

Hey Pink, I glad you and Naimah are ok. Drop me an email when you have time.