Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Green Lunch

There was no lunchbox yesterday because baby girl "skipped out" of daycare for her ballet lessons.  She ended up having lunch with abuelo (grandpa).

Today's lunch colour is green. I was overwhelmed with green produce in my fridge, so there was no shortage of choices, but it was tricky trying to balance protein and carbohydrates.  I didn't just want to make a lunchbox full of salad.

So here we've got soba noodles, which baby girl pointed out are not green.  True, but it's got a pretty decent amount of protein and, hey, buckwheat is green at some point before it's harvested. Next is a mixture of peas and lima beans. I'm fairly certain that each and every lima bean will still be in the lunchbox when she comes home, but it's worth a shot.  Moving along, there's some cucumber slices tucked into the side compartment with a fun green turtle fork, kiwi fruit and an ancient grain quesadilla stuffed with daiya cheese and cilantro.

And to quote another article from, "Green foods also serve as a source of vitamins A, C and K, and iron and calcium. Green vegetables contribute to your daily fiber intake, which can help reduce your cholesterol levels"


Carissa said...

Love it! And love the little soy sauce elephant

Peggy said...

This looks so delicious! It is such a great idea and takes the complexity out of veganism, to plan meals this way! Love it!