Tuesday, December 4, 2012

cookies and stuff

Someone in my office asked me the other day if I had any recommendations on what to make for a vegetarian that they are having over for dinner during the Christmas holidays. My first thought was Toforky. It's easy for a non-veg person to prepare, and it's widely available in our city's major supermarkets.

But Gardein also has a huge variety of meatless proteins too. In fact, I have yet to try one that I don't like. My faves are the mandarin orange crispy chick'n and the turk'y cutlets. And as I'm looking at their website right now, there are some new items that I haven't even see in stores yet. Breakfast patties and meatless meatballs?! Yum! This kind of stuff is a treat for me because I make so many of our meals from scratch.

And this reminds me, last week my (non-veg) aunt made us spaghetti and she crumbled up a couple of veggie burger patties in the sauce to make it nice and hearty. It was such an easy thing for her to do, and made our dinner extra nutritious. Love her! Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of it, so I'll leave you with these butterscotch walnut cookies that I made recently.

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