Monday, August 9, 2010

Marmalady's Vegan Pesto & Eggplant Curry Spread

A while ago I wrote about Marmalady who brings a wealth of delicious lunches to our office every Wednesday with her lunch cart service.  Chef Salima told me about some new vegan items that she was adding to her catering menu and asked if I would be interested in sampling them.

 Would I?  Heck yeah!

First up was her vegan pesto - when she first told me that there was no nutritional yeast in her recipe, I wondered if would still have that je ne sais quoi...and I'm happy to tell you it did not disappoint!  It is already so packed with flavour, there's no need for nooch.  Chef Salima uses walnuts instead of pine nuts, so there's a good dose of Omega 3 in her pesto too.  You can buy the pesto at Drive Organic on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.  I made brown rice elbow pasta and slathered on some pesto. Deeelicious!!

The other sample she generously bestowed me with was a huge sandwich with a vegan curry eggplant spread (also available at the Drive) Sadly, I can't find my photo of it, but I can tell you it was mega-delicious and if you have a chance tyo get yourt hands on some, you should get it.

Marmalady now has a website:

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Mihl said...

How awesome she has vegan foods on the menu! The pesto looks great.