Thursday, January 10, 2008 shouldn't be eating that.

I've been hearing a lot of that over the past few months, especially when I mention that I've been eating tons of sushi. People are always so curious about what a vegan eats. And usually I am happy to ramble on about all kinds of my favorite dishes. But you should see these people recoil with horror when the word "sushi" is mentioned. After all, pregnant women should not eat raw fish, don't you know?

Obviously they forgot that vegans don't eat fish, first of all. That's a pescatarian. But then I get to thinking...if you want to be a smarty pants and tell me what I should and shouldn't eat, maybe you might want to do some research. Sushi does not mean raw fish, silly rabbit! That would be sashimi, which I would not eat, pregnant or not. Sushi refers more to the vinegared rice used. I love avocado rolls, vegetable rolls, and lots of other non-fishy rolls.

Maybe one day I'll get ambitious enough to make my own, like the PPK people do. But for now I have my favorite Japanese restaurant on speed dial and they always come to the rescue on those days (and nights) when I don't feel like cooking.

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