Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Taco Soup, Omega Crunch, and Dark Chocolate Dreams

I have really wanted to blog for the past couple of weeks but taking care of a very sick little Gordita took precedence.   There were many  meals of store bought soups or cereal & almond milk which didn't seem blogworthy anyway.  Baby girl is on the mend now, so here's a roundup of some of the more interesting things I've been eating lately.  
First up, I made a batch of Nava Atlas' Taco Soup as seen in VegNews Magazine.  I followed the recipe EXACTLY, yet somehow my soup looks nothing like the VegNews photo.  It was good, I loved the spiciness of the cumin and chili powder combined with (my favorite) cilantro but I ended up adding some fresh ground sea salt which wasn't called for in the recipe.  When I think of tacos, I'm thinking salty & spicy.


Here's my uber quick breakfast of organic bananas, strawberries and tangerines, with some Omega Crunch roasted maple shelled flax.  Super Yum!

And, saving the best for last - PPK banana bread (I subbed 1/2 cup agave nectar instead of the 1 cup of sugar called for in the recipe) slathered in sinfully delicious chocolate peanut butter!  Yes, Dark Chocolate Dreams from Peanut Butter & Co lives up to its name and does not disappoint.  Ohhhh...I think I'm in love!


Anonymous said...

You are all killing me with this amazing peanut butter! I am officially jealous!
I was wondering where you were! I hope your little sweetie is feeling better and is ok - it's so scary when our little ones are sick!

Avery Yale Kamila said...

Yum, everything looks so delicious! Glad to hear a positive report about the taco soup because I was checking out that recipe in VegNews too!

Lindsay (Happy Herbivore) said...

that omego crunch wants to go in my mouth. WOWOWOWOWOW.